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The Android ecosystem

You say you want a mobile revolution…

Google CEO Sundar Pichai shares how Android is changing the ways people use mobile devices.

Android fuels innovation and choice

Discover how Android offers more choice and freedom to manufacturers, developers, and consumers.

Four myths about Android

ZDNet looks into common myths about Android and sets the record straight.

Economic impact

Google is a growth engine for Europe

Discover all the ways Google is helping dozens of European businesses grow online

Mobile tech drives the EU economy

See how the development of mobile devices and software contributes £73bn to the EU economy.

For the next five billion: Android One

The Android One initiative is helping people across the globe access affordable mobile devices.

Breaking the $100 barrier

See how Google teamed up with device maker Infinix to sell Android phones in Africa for less than $100.

Launching Android One in Africa

By partnering with regional players, Google has helped get low-cost phones to developing countries.

The growing mobile Internet economy

Explore the impact of mobile technology in the 13 countries that make up about 70 percent of global GDP.

Embracing innovation

How emerging markets fuel disruption

Discover why markets like China, Vietnam and India are primed to disrupt the global mobile industry.

Keep Android harmonized

The president of the App Developers Alliance argues against further fragmentation of the Android ecosystem.

Let’s talk about Android

Discover the impact of Android’s open-source model on competition in the field of mobile operating systems.